Welcome to My House: For Christmas

It is done.

My house has been decorated for Christmas and I am basically on cloud nine because in addition to this being ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ – it is also my favorite time of year.

No doubt between now and the 24th I will likely buy more Christmas decorations, because I am my mother’s daughter after all… but I figured I’d share the first pictures now it is all done and dusted!

This is my second year of having my own house to decorate for the festive season, and it was a total blast!

So here’s the front door – with my super cute wreath I brought from Marks and Spencer last year. On the inside of my house rather than the outside as we live next to a public walkway and I kind of like it not being stolen! Also means I can admire it!


And here’s my little cookie jar house, with fairy lights and of course Santa photo in the back ground! This golden ‘Wonder’ sign I fell in love with on Marks and Spencer, and sort of feel cool because I saw it in a Zoella thing.

The little tins beside the Santa Picture (atop the Husband’s fancy vintage stereo) I brought second hand because my mum had the same tins when I was little.


Atop of my super cute dresser, I usually have the garland and the fairylights year round. This super glitter Noel sign and robin however are new, and they are adorable!


The single most precious object I have is my indoor lamp post. I brought it from Early Settler on sale, and while it is for outdoor use, my dad turned it into an indoor lamp 🙂 We are using it to hang our metal ‘Christmas Countdown’ on, with a little moveable star to mark the days until Christmas!


On our table we have this cute cut out poinsettia table runner, with a silver tray (with pretty little engraved detail) as well as a little dome with woodland creatures in it and a velvet touch Santa beside (of course more fairylights! Again we keep these year round and I love the way they reflect against the glass of our table)



And this is our Christmas tree – I am in desperate need of more decorations to go on it! We’re theming it red, gold and traditional green. I like to wrap my gifts in similar colours with little baubles and red ribbon (which you can kind of see) Please note all important advent calendars to one side!

And of course here’s the full shot of the living room – I basically want to live there constantly rather than go to work and listen to endless Michael Buble Christmas albums and watch Christmas movies…


Because Christmas is in summer in New Zealand, we have much longer daylight and the BBQ you see in on the deck is absolutely crucial to me making Josh cook more frequently than me in the next few months!

As I find more Christmas treasures I will absolutely share but I hope you enjoyed getting to see inside my house, decorated for Christmas



X Jessica




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