My Fundamental Problem with Ankle Grazers.

The other day I was wearing a pair of my beat up jeans.

They were ones I’d owned for years, and ones that I no longer ventured out into public wearing, mostly because they had paint on them.

I brought them from Forever New years and years back and they are midrise, indigo blue and they were the most lush thing that I’d worn in ages – and do you know why?

Because they covered my ankles.

I have been in a very dark place this winter, this is mostly because I have constantly battled the inconvenience of ankle grazer trousers.

Take last weekend for example, I went down to Wellington with my mum and because Wellington is Wellington it was frozen and also very blustery.

I was trying to be my trendiest self so took my ‘flash’ jeans down, which are light blue and stop just short of my ankles. Sitting in the spare room in balmy Auckland a day or so before as I packed, I committed to wear them with my cute little lace topped socks and ankle boots.

Long story short, I had the world’s coldest ankles all weekend.

I understand the trendiness of ankle grazer trousers – they look super cute with loafers or ballet flats or little ankle boots. It was for this affection I own several pairs of trousers which stop short of the ankle… the issue was all winter I froze.

The fundamental issue is that if you wear socks to cover the space between your super cute shoes and ankle grazer trousers you end up with what I like to call ‘the Gumpy Band’ and if you’re anything like me your socks are probably super embarrassing with hearts/cats/foxes on them.

Exhibit A


So generally what I do is wear the embarrassing socks with hearts/cats/foxes on them, and combine the ankle grazers with my boots which come just a half way up my calves.

This way the ‘Gumpy Band’ still exists, but I am the only one who knows about it.

I suppose now in reflection, maybe I should have worn fresh coloured stockings beneath my trousers, however the issue with this being that you always get that ‘top of your stocking’ line half way up your leg.

The other issue is that if you’re as pale as me you have like… suddenly surprisingly brown legs that I feel people are staring at all day. They’re probably not but as a super fair person I feel insecure about these things!

Anyway, here’s hoping that next year full length trousers come back into style because I am serious beef with ankle grazer trousers.



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