Retro Magazines!

I have this new obsession.

Buying and reading retro magazines, I figured I would share photos of my very first one with you all.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why, chiefly of which is the fashion.




The clothes are adorable.

Retro magazines are packed with just as many advertisements as recent ones, which I have found fall into one of three categories, the first is the clothing, which I drool over, the second is perfume and the third is soap – toilet soap, unsure why this is such a popular trend.

The clothes are stunning, dresses, skirt suits, sweaters, everything, I am just absolutely totally in love.

Not only is the magazine packed with advertisements on the clothes, they’re also packed with knitting patterns – should you want to make the sweaters pictured! And tips about putting outfits together, or buying a great staple wardrobe.

I also love the magazines because they highlight a completely different time.

There is one large article on what youth today are ‘talking about.’ And it lists everything from marriage to the world around them. It is so awesome to have this paper made time capsule that I can use to peer into a completely different society.

Rather than articles on what your crush means when he texts you ‘;)’ they provide articles on wonderful places to travel, how to better improve your spoken English to secure yourself a better job, the list goes on.

The third reason, and last I will share – because I could gush for hours – that I love my retro magazines is the language. The quality of the articles are far more superior and intelligent sounding than those you read even in the news papers today.

It was actually super rewarding to read through these graciously written articles, and get a peek into what it would have been like being my age back in October 1956.

Enjoy the photos! Will post more later x




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