Weekend Away: Chateau Tongariro

Over this weekend just been my family and I went away to the Chateau Tongariro in National Park.

For those of you not familiar with New Zealand, that is the bit in the middle of the North Island, near Taupo, where there are a bunch of hills and three mountains, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, and Ruapehu in the middle of a bunch of small towns and beautiful countryside.

First off we set off from Auckland around 6am, and stopped in Dury outside of the City for McDonalds coffee!

Fun fact, apparently McDonalds is only commercially known as ‘Maccas’ in New Zealand and Australia!

After our coffee, myself, Josh (my husband) my brother and sister in law and my mum and dad set off for breakfast in Tirau.

Tirau is a super cute and quirky place where there are like… multiple buildings made of corrugated iron. We found this excellent café/pub called the Cabbage Tree on the main street and ate there. It was super awesome vibes, because 1) the food was amazing, and 2) it was super quirky in design, like heaps of people have just written messages all over the walls!


This is a really good vege store outside of Auckland


And this is Huntly!

This is Tirau, note the corrugated iron sheep, and dog in back ground!


Second stop was in Taupo, which is a part of New Zealand I love, because it has some of the best design stores ever. I just wanted to spend a gazillion dollars on everything ESPECIALLY at this store called the Linen Room where they had the most adorable baby’s clothes, décor, smelly things, and bedding ever.

And this lamp with rabbits on it pictured here…


Taupo is probably most famous for the huge lake, which fun fact again, is a crater!

What was most important to me at this part of the trip was having an opportunity to recreate a family photo of my brother and I outside the McDonalds’s big DC3 Air Plane


Which I felt like we did well! Then I sat inside – families are allowed to take their meals and sit inside the DC3


The Chateau is just over an hour – I think! – From Taupo and it is beautiful.

It is this very old school hotel, built in 1929, sitting right at the bottom of the mountains. The whole place is really old world, and it is one of the few hotels I have been to that has this massive sitting area in the foyer where guests just read, relax and chat.

Here are some photos of us about the place in the Hotel

Outside the windows you have the most stunning views to the mountains and it is freezing cold!

I took some super awesome pictures from the balcony on level 1 of the hotel

It is just SO stunning! The restaurants too were absolutely amazing, I had to seriously struggle to decide what to have!

On the Saturday we shot up the mountain in search of snow – sometimes there is snow all the way down to the Chateau but we weren’t in luck.

Managed to play around in some fresh snow – thanks to the snow machines! – here are some pictures of us on the way up through the alpine flats, and at the mountain ski field!

After loads of eating and sitting around and relaxing, we shot back up State Highway 4, past an impossible amount of fog, and back home.


If you ever get the chance, absolutely go to National Park, the Chateau is beautiful, and the pies at the Train Station Café in the National Park village are AMAZING! Not to mention apparently this is where the filmed a part of the Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my photos! X



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