Welcome to Christmas – Video Attached…

A few years ago I wrote this Christmas Song.

Truth is, I am obsessed with Christmas. Not because of the gifts or anything, just because of the fairylights-tinsel-familytimes-cinnamonscented-specialcoffeesatStarbucks-loveliness of it.

So I turned all of this adoration into a song, called Welcome to Christmas, which is a kind of tongue in cheek declaration about how much better at celebrating Christmas I am than the majority of the population.

See Christmas in New Zealand requires a little imagination… mostly because it is summer, and so we ironically eat roast turkey and the like on baking hot days with the windows open. Then Boxing Day is generally a BBQ.

The Christmas I wrote Welcome to Christmas, my now husband and I filmed this music video for it. It is awfully embarrassing, but had attached the link below. Josh was super reluctant at first (‘this is lame!’) but then afterwards basically stole the show.

Anyway the reason why this is relevant is because I am totally following up Welcome to Christmas with a song about mid-winter Christmas (that I hope to totally record soon) called ‘Sometimes I Wish it Was Christmas.’

I’ll totally post it as soon as it’s done.

In the meanwhile, here’s Welcome to Christmas – excuse my rapping skills/lack there of.




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