Latest Second Hand Find: My Adventure Skirt

I’m pretty big on second hand clothing.

There are a number of reasons why. The first is shallow.

I LOVE Vintage:

I like the idea of owning something that no one else (under forty) has. It is for this reason that I trawl through second hand stores and TradeMe searching out vintage finds.

The second reason is a little more profound.

Extending the Life Span of Garments:

In my second to last year of my theological degree I did a spur of the minute paper that ended up changing my life. It was called Mercy and Social Justice (I studied a degree in Ministry) and as a part of the assessments for this paper we had to undertake a research project on one of about five topics. On a whim I selected Child Labour.

I won’t go on and on, but it was at this time that I realized we have a super bad view of clothing – and lots of things really – where we buy and throw away things far too quickly rather than repairing them or taking care of them.

Because it is basically impossible to make sure that nothing (the clothes, or the fabric, or even the finishing of the garment) is done without engaging Child Labour I made a decision to where possible buy second hand, or buy well and of good quality and instead just repair it when it needs repairing.

Anyway, all that aside yesterday I received the very best thing in the post, my latest second hand buy and I would even possibly say my best.

It cost me a grand total of $10, with shipping, and when I saw this skirt I thought ‘Oh if I wear that I will look like Nancy Drew.’

It is a mustard yellow, high waisted mini skirt.

When I received it, obviously I ripped open the bag and tried it on… only to discover this wonderful skirt is secretly shorts in disguise!

This is super important because it means that I can have adventures in it.

I am perfectly aware that you’re all probably very jealous of my adventure skirt, behold!


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