Top Coats That Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

I was once one of those people who slapped on a coat or two of nail polish and called it a manicure.

Those who know me would probably struggle to believe that now given how seriously I take painting my nails…

Anyway, now days I would never dream of painting my nails without applying a decent top coat. After all, it makes your nails far glossier, avoids colour transfer onto paper etc – if you have a desk job like me! – and protects the colour against chips.

Now I promise you right this very moment that I have found the perfect top coat of all time.

It is called Gel Setter, by Essie.

Essie is a favourite brand of mine, because the colours are beautiful, they are the preferred polish of Kate Middleton and the Queen and the brush shape is the most practical.

The thing was I was literally about to buy Dior’s Gel Finish Top Coat, but stopped myself because the reviews were 50/50 on the actual finish while Essie’s reviews were fantastic.

As a matter of fact, the reviews were so positive I thought perhaps they may have been a little too overzealous but I kid you not.

This top coat is perfect.

With Essie’s paddle brush, which makes for easy application, it genuinely does provide a perfect gloss finish that shines like crazy. I coupled with OPI’s ‘Give Me Space,’ which can be a hard polish to make glossy given it’s a glitter and glitters totally have those ridges that take a million coats to fill in.

I know for a fact the polish will last for a million years as I have used this top coat a few times since buying it and the manicure goes on and on without any noticeable cracks until I get bored of the colour and change it myself

I cannot stress this enough, if you’re looking for a good top coat?






Nails WITHOUT Top Coat


Pictured Above my nails WITH Top Coat

Essie’s ‘Gel Setter’ $24.95 NZD and worth every cent.



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