Can We Just? – I Am In Love With Cape Cod Houses.

Today I discovered what my dream house looks like.

I mean I’ve dabbled in those super cute country cottages, I’ve thought about grand Edwardian style houses with their beautifully ornate detail, but I have fallen in love today, with the Cape Cod house.

Let’s just take a minute and all collectively sigh in delight at the photos below.

What is super, super awesome about this that I learnt in my extensive googling of this kind of house, was that the whole purpose behind Cape Cod style houses is practicality.

The fact that they were constructed in order to withstand severe weather conditions, and sea winds and the like. They are meant to be practical, but they are oh, so, gorgeous.

I like to think that everything can be like that. Super practical, and exactly what it needs to be, but still beautiful and fancy and enjoyable.

Anyway, I thought I’d post these amazing pictures. If I ever found a house in New Zealand like any of these, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Jessica X



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