Jemima and her Cone.

Little Jemima Bunny – who you may remember from an earlier post as the world’s most adorable little silver rabbit – has finally reached adulthood and for her long term health Josh and I made the decision to get her fixed.

I felt really, really bad about it, because obviously she’s adorable and the most sweet and lovely little bunnikins so gearing up the courage to take her to the vets was difficult.

She was totally fine after her operation though and is super happy now, but for a short period of time to stop her from licking her tissue glue, Jemima had to wear a Edwardian Collar.

Otherwise known as the Cone of Shame.

I figured I’d post photos because it isn’t often you get to see the world’s cutest little rabbit in a huge plastic cone. She managed to always get her ears out of it too, so ended up looking like a little lamp shade


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