How Many Lipsticks I Have In My Handbag At One Time…

I am a chronic ‘Too-Many-Lipsticks-In-My-Handbag’ person…

Seriously, I think the size of my handbag is mostly as a result of the enormous number of lipsticks I carry.

But that’s the thing… I LOVE lipsticks.

I always have.

Mostly because you can wear them and not have your lipcolour smeared when it’s super windy with strands of your hair.

Anyway so I am an avid collector of lipsticks and at any one time I have at least three in my handbag. Today… I have 7!


Here’s my explanation behind them all!

My GO-TO Neutral shade is a Rimmel Kate Moss colour number 45. I brought it shortly before my wedding because it was the PERFECT match to the shade my makeup artist used. It is matte and while not enormously long wearing, goes with nearly anything and makes any look suddenly SUPER sophisticated. I really love the smell too! I am a sucker for any of the Kate Moss colours Rimmel sells anyway!

If I am at work and I need a Go-To ‘I am super professional’ shade, I will reach for this lipstick.


But then there are times that I am looking for something a little more distinctive, however a nice light wear that isn’t too up front and personal. That’s when I reach for my Colour Riche Balm in Shade 172 called Dragon Fruit.

This colour is more of a lipbalm than anything else but super pigmented in a stunning hot pink, but not so intensely pink as some of my more daring colours. I picked it up super super cheap at a make up sale and I have never regretted it.

A quick pick me up, I adore this colour.


But not as much as I love my L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Plum.

I will not lie to you  -I stole this off my mother. But for good reason, it is this stunning rose red/plum that has amazing longevity and is super moisturizing not to mention smells AMAZING and has an SPF! I wear this probably more than any of my red lipsticks ever and I cannot imagine life without it. I wear this shade at work when I want to seem confident and relaxed all at once.


Then there are days where I need a little boost.

When I may have spent a little less time on my make up and I need to distract people and seem put together. So I wear my Bobbi Brown in Pop Pink. It is matte, bright and super empowering. It is also SUPER Barbie Pink.

Bobbi Brown are stocking some super excellent shades right now, so totally get in the mix!


Then there are those I-Feel-Like-A-Super-Star Days. When your hair, makeup and outfit is perfect and you want to look like a celebrity. My go to colour on a day like that is Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Mega Watt lipstick in shade Flash of Fuchsia (Note, ALSO stolen from my mother! – Sorry mum!) I love this colour. It is again… quite pink pink and with a longwear that you can only dream about and seriously… I am star struck.

On very good hair days I wear this colour.


Then on other days I want to be a kind of quirky sophisticated. My Lady Penelope Days.

On these days I wear another Maybelline colour, in 720 Power Peony. I coveted this colour for a long, long time and once I finally got it I use it to bring a real POP to really light, breezy outfits. Only draw back is it’s pigmentation can be a little sketchy so have to blot a LOT before I call it done.


If you’re thinking… okay Jess do you ever wear chilled out lipstick shades, the answer is yes. And my Go To is a colour by Natio called Enchant. It smells amazing, and the colour is that perfect Disney Princess Blush, and my Husband brought it for me. It’s a little dewy and really, really beautiful. When I want a quick ‘I Woke Up Like This’ vibe, I reach for Enchant.


Anyway, those are my seven every day lipsticks, I hope you enjoyed reading/seeing them.

I also hope I have inspired you to go and buy some! There are very few things more empowering than a good lipstick.


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