My Wedding Photos

Even as I type the title of this blog – I feel a sense of relief.

This is because you have NO idea how desperate I was to see these photos.

Josh and I were married in November, and have received our pictures yesterday (almost three months) So basically I am bouncing off the walls

Anyway, I figured I’d share them with you!


In reflection the things I am ABSOLUTELY delighted I did were…

walking to the church (in my Ray Ban Wayfarers, an absolutely must as far as I was concerned, given my family’s tradition of Wayfarers!)

splurging on the leaf tiara from Etsy – I love, love, LOVE it

deciding to just do it! and pick the floral tie for Josh to wear – despite it being a bit of a gamble

wrapping the stems of the flowers in linen hankies (It is a tradition to use new linen in Irish weddings, and my family are very Irish!)

removing the weird white flowers from the bridesmaid dresses – I was cautious to make alterations, but now so glad I did!

I hope you love checking them out!


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